Prosecution urged to keep Trump out of the Oval Office in the future

WASHINGTON, 12 Feb – RIA Novosti. Former US President Donald Trump may try to call for future violence if he is not impeached now, said Chief Prosecutor at the trial, Rep. Jamie Raskin. “Dear colleagues, is there any politician in this room who believes that Will Donald Trump stop inciting violence to get his way if the Senate ever lets him into the Oval Office again? ” Ruskin asked a rhetorical question.

“Will you bet the lives of other police officers on this? Will you bet your family's safety on it? Will you bet the future of your democracy on this?” – added the chief prosecutor.

The prosecution has completed a statement of the case at the impeachment trial, and Trump's defense will begin setting out its arguments on Friday.

The prosecution argued for two days, Wednesday and Thursday, in support of the theory that Trump was instigating a riot before the January 6 riots in the Capitol building. The impeachment of Trump is proposed to be passed retroactively in order to deprive him of the opportunity to run for president in the future.

Trump has been accused of instigating a mob riot that trampled the US Capitol on January 6 after Trump's rally called for an obstruction of the election results.

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