Malysheva called a dangerous mistake of Russians during a pandemic

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. Most Russians do not know whether they have diabetes or not, and this poses a danger during a pandemic, said doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva on Channel One.

The physician emphasized that obesity and diabetes dramatically increase the likelihood of death from COVID-19 and a severe course of the disease.

“Now you sit at home and say:“ I will not get vaccinated, why do I need this, the vaccine is not known. ”And instead, go and buy a glucometer and measure your blood sugar. <...> You need to know that you have high sugar , you need to take medications to reduce it, and then you will live, “Malysheva explained.

To combat diabetes and, as a consequence, the coronavirus, the doctor advised those to whom the doctor prescribed it to take the drug metformin.

“If the doctor prescribed you metformin – one of the oldest and cheapest drugs – consider yourself lucky. The sun has risen over you. It turned out that metformin fights the coronavirus. If diabetes is compensated, mortality decreases and the disease flows easily,” the TV presenter emphasized.

Malysheva recommends that people who are obese and diabetic should take metformin after consulting a doctor.

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