IT-sphere opposed restrictions on inclusion in the register of free software

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. The Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) asks the Ministry of Digital Science not to allow restrictions on the inclusion of Russian free software in the register; the association is confident that this will lead to a restriction of competition in the Russian market and the departure of young IT companies from the Russian jurisdiction, the RAEC said in a letter to the head of the ministry Maksut Shadayev (available at the disposal of RIA Novosti).

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Industry prepared a draft resolution providing for the optimization of the procedure for including software in the register of Russian software. The changes will halve the period for consideration of applications, as well as eliminate the risk of inclusion in the register of products belonging to foreign companies, the ministry explained.

At the same time, as the newspaper Vedomosti wrote, the draft retained a rule that allows Russian developers applying for the inclusion of their product in the register, not to confirm a significant revision of free open source software. At the same time, a number of Russian developers, whose products are already in the register, advocated the introduction of restrictions on the use of open source software and the need for an examination of its originality, the newspaper wrote.

“In the conditions when the industry has just started to enjoy the benefits of the 'tax maneuver', we consider the introduction of such requirements a dangerous precedent, an unacceptable restriction of competition, which will lead to an outflow of young IT companies actively using open source software from the Russian jurisdiction,” RAEC letter to the head of the Ministry of Digital Science. The Association notes that in a number of registry categories there has always been a lack of competitive domestic solutions, and the introduction of restrictions on software based on open source software will lead to further monopolization of the software market.

“The use of open source software in modern realities is not only a common practice for the state and business, but also a means of maintaining competition for young companies, an opportunity not to reinvent the wheel, but to focus on developing exactly the functionality and solutions that would provide a competitive advantage. a way to ensure software interoperability and compliance with generally accepted international standards, which becomes even more important in the light of the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence of the Russian Federation (most of the popular AI technologies are built on open source and free software tools), “the RAEC believes.

“Thus, we believe that restricting open source software companies in obtaining tax benefits contradicts the state policy of the industry development and will lead to regression and restriction of competition in the IT sector,” summarizes the RAEC.

The Ministry of Telecommunications confirmed to RIA Novosti that it had received the letter, but refrained from commenting.

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