Florists told what flowers should be paid attention to on February 14

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. Florists advise, when choosing flowers for a loved one on February 14, to move away from the usual options with red roses and bouquets in pink tones and pay attention to meadow bouquets and delicate spring flowers – mimosa, peonies, anemones.

According to the employees of Moscow flower shops interviewed by RIA Novosti, this year many are trying to instill in customers a love for unusual and unbroken color options. In particular, already for Valentine's Day, as the first holiday of the year, for which it is customary to give flowers, florists have prepared for clients a number of experimental solutions under the motto: “No red roses”.

Assemble yourself

As the owner of a flower and gift shop in the center of Moscow said, the trend with gift sets is gradually gaining popularity, when a person collects a bouquet for himself.

“This year we want to try the story of” collect the bouquet yourself “, with some kind of floral sets, when a girl can not just receive a bouquet as a gift, but receive a set containing fresh seasonal flowers, a vase, a bag of” krizala “( cut flower life extension powder), pruning shears and instructions. It seems to me that we are now all going towards greater individuality and contact with flowers, “she said.

According to her, in their store, by February 14, they launched a certificate for those in love with flowers – a girl can either come to a master class in the store and collect her bouquet, or receive a delivery set with flowers and necessary materials as a gift.

“This is just starting to come, because now during the pandemic, many have learned that they have hands, and have mastered some manual, applied lessons, and realized that they want something and can do something, so now many want assemble your bouquet yourself, “says the owner of the store.

Change palette

As florists note, the color palette and the choice of the flowers themselves are gradually changing towards light delicate shades and freer, wild field bouquets.

“We began to love spring yellow. Because for a long time there was a prejudice that yellow is a sign of separation and something terrible, but now, apparently, we are getting out of this Middle Ages in our heads. Now they often order light, yellow, sunny bouquets with mimosas, with yellow tulips. Now this is the color of the sun, which is not enough for everyone. There are still all sorts of new little flowers, the names of which you can not even pronounce, and all this is very cool. Also meadow flowers, many herbs, dried flowers, spikelets. It seems to me that floristry is becoming more free, bold and wild “, – said a florist of one of the capital's flower salons.

As noted in another floral, this year they decided to experiment with the palette in the direction of pale pink, sky blue, white and pale yellow.

“The courage is that we are moving away from the reinforced concrete red roses. Of course, we have them in our purchase, they have not gone anywhere, they will also be ordered, but it seems to me that now the new palette is gradually coming out. we can see that this experimental collection of ours is already loved, it is popular, and they are actively ordering it “, – said the store employee.

Speaking of roses, they can also be different, they said in the workshop of author's bouquets in the west of the capital.

“We do not bring standard flowers, so here you will not see the usual bouquets of red roses in the shape of a heart. The roses that we bring and sell to our clients are French roses, which differ in their appearance, persistence and incredible aroma. They are a little more expensive. than ordinary roses, but our customers are not embarrassed by this, “said the florist of the workshop.

Also, according to her, in their workshop there is a large selection of bouquets of peony roses in delicate dusty shades. “They are in the flower world, like a Mercedes among roses,” she added.

Florists also advise choosing peonies and not being afraid of carnations.

“I believe that we create trends ourselves and instill in our customers. Now we persuade our customers to buy carnations, but we call them dianthus. The fact is that these flowers come in incredible shades, textures and they make amazing compositions. stand for a very long time, “said the owner of one of the flower shops in the capital.

Speaking about the preferences of buyers, florists note the popularity of different containers: all kinds of boxes, watering cans, pots.

“We will present popular compositions in hat boxes, in all kinds of boxes, small pots, watering cans, hearts,” said a florist from one of the studios.

Preferences also depend on the age of the client, she notes. “Mostly men, of course, buy complimentary bouquets or flowers in hat boxes, while hearts are bought by students or young boys,” said the florist.

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