Congressman calls protesters “Trump crowd” at impeachment court

WASHINGTON, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Prosecutors at the trial of impeachment of former US President Donald Trump in the Senate cited footage of protesters' attacks on January 6 on police officers and ransacked parliamentary cabinets.

“Everyone present here survived. But not everyone was so lucky. Three law enforcement officers were tragically killed in the January 6 riots,” Democratic Congressman David Sisillin said commenting on the footage.

Capitol Capitol in Washington DC

He did not elaborate that only one policeman died from injuries sustained during the clashes, and two others later committed suicide.

“The injuries that the police have received include concussions, lung irritation, serious injuries from repeated blows with bats, sticks and truncheons. Capitol police officers also suffered injuries that will remain with them for the rest of their lives,” Sisillin said.

In particular, one law enforcement officer lost the tip of his index finger, one police officer received cracks in the ribs and fragmentation of vertebral discs, another lost an eye, and one was stabbed with a metal fence pin, the congressman said. In total, according to him, dozens of police officers were injured.

In addition, about 40 police officers from the ranks of the Capitol Police and about 200 National Guard officers subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus, which, according to the prosecution, was a consequence of their contact with the crowd, Sisillin said.

Calling the ex-president's supporters “the Trump crowd,” he criticized them for the way they insulted the police, backing it up with footage of such episodes.

“You heard it with your own ears:” … (obscene – ed.) Traitors. “They called the police traitors … Even if they did not receive external injuries, the psychological consequences were significant,” the congressman continued.

Several police officers subsequently threatened to harm themselves, and one police officer surrendered her weapons out of “fear of what might happen,” Sisillin said. He separately mentioned racist attacks on black law enforcement officers.

In summary, he urged senators to keep these police officers in mind during the vote to impeach Trump.

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