The woman explained why she invented a story with the substitution of children in Stavropol

PYATIGORSK, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. The woman who staged the stage play with the replacement of babies with dolls invented this story because she did not want to upset her husband that she was not pregnant, it follows from her testimony. The pictures of the documents were posted on Instagram by the Governor of Stavropol, Vladimir Vladimirov.

The video, in which a resident of Dagestan, who came to the cemetery to bury children who died at birth, discovers two dolls instead of the bodies of babies and claims that they were replaced at the perinatal center in Stavropol, has attracted a lot of attention. The check showed that this whole story was made up, and the woman, who was called the mother of the children, did not actually give birth.

According to the woman, in mid-June she thought she was pregnant. The test strip confirmed this, but when the woman went to the gynecologist and was tested for the hCG hormone, it turned out that there was actually no pregnancy.

“I saw how happy my husband was when he found out that I was pregnant, so I didn’t want to upset him when he learned that she was not pregnant. For this reason, I decided to deceive my husband and relatives, feigning pregnancy,” the woman admitted.

She added that it was difficult for her to explain what had happened: on the one hand, she understood that she was not pregnant, and on the other, she could not stop pretending.

In early February, she told her relatives that she would go to give birth to a perinatal center in Stavropol, but persuaded not to accompany her because of the danger of contracting the coronavirus. “Sitting on a bench near the perinatal center, I thought about what to do next,” the woman said.

As a result, she decided to rent an apartment and simulate childbirth and death of babies. To do this, she went to a children's store and bought two dolls for 2.4 thousand rubles. “When I was in the apartment, I would put on shirts-vests on the dolls and sat with them as with my children, and also swaddled them,” she says.

On February 9, the woman decided to return home. “For what purpose I wrapped each doll in two diapers that I had with me, having previously filled the dolls with sand <...> I decided to tell my relatives that the children died during childbirth, but in the end I said that they died after giving birth “, – she said. During the funeral, the deception was revealed.

According to the woman, she regrets that she misled her husband and all relatives.

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