The Russians said that they want to receive a gift for Valentine's Day

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Almost half of men would be happy with a prepared dinner from their beloved woman on Valentine's Day, and more than 60% of women would like to receive flowers or sweets from their partner on this day, according to a study by the SberMarket food and goods delivery service and ResearchMe research company. which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti. “Desired gifts for February 14: 47% of the men surveyed noted that they would be glad to have a cooked dinner from their beloved woman, 43% of men … – that they would be happy to receive sweets or edible sweets. In third place was technology (phones, laptops), 38% of men would like to get it, “the study says.

More than half of women (65%), according to the study, would like to receive flowers or sweets from their partner on Valentine's Day, “49% would be happy to be invited to a cafe, restaurant or spa, 35% of women said they would be happy a homemade dinner from a partner, “the company added.

At the same time, 15% of the interviewed women and 11% of men noted that they would like to receive a trip as a gift from their partner. More than 40% of women think that their man will be upset if left without a gift, and only 33% of men agree with this statement, follows from the message.

The research of companies includes the answers of more than 1.7 thousand Russians aged 18 and over.

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