The Ministry of Finance named the risks of the accelerated introduction of the digital ruble

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. The accelerated introduction of the digital ruble carries risks of outflow and growth in the cost of deposits for banks, as well as the loss of part of income from acquiring, said Ivan Chebeskov, director of the financial policy department of the Ministry of Finance.

In October last year, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced that it was assessing the possibility of issuing a digital ruble. It can become an additional form of money along with cash and non-cash and will require the creation of an additional payment infrastructure, the regulator noted.

“The key risks for banks from the point of view of the accelerated implementation of digital currency, from a business point of view, are, of course, the loss of a part of the transactional liabilities of individuals, an increase in the cost of liabilities and the loss of a part of commission income associated with acquiring,” Chebeskov said at an expanded meeting RSPP commissions for banks and banking activities.

He noted that the Ministry of Finance is interested in the development of technologies. “On the other hand, we are concerned if a significant portion of the banks' income will decline sharply,” the head of the department continued.

As for the risk of a decrease in liquidity, it is very difficult to assess, according to Chebeskov. “It all depends on which scenario is chosen for the development of the digital currency. It seems to me that here, most likely, the Central Bank will not allow any problem with liquidity. We, of course, also mark this as a risk factor. but probably as the least significant of the others, “he pointed out.

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