The doctor called a deadly complication of COVID-19

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. In many cases, death from COVID-19 is associated with damage to the cardiovascular system, said Tatiana Ruzhentsova, doctor of medical sciences, deputy director for clinical work of the G. N. Gabrichevsky Federal Research Institute for Emergency Medicine of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. ) is improving.In many countries, we see a decrease in mortality. But at the same time, we see quite high numbers in some countries. We understand that in many cases deaths are associated not only with lung damage … but with cardiovascular damage. systems “, – said Ruzhentsova at the online seminar” Influenza and acute respiratory infections: diagnosis, therapy and prevention. “

A large number of patients with coronavirus, according to the specialist, have certain pathological changes in the cardiovascular system. One of the foreign studies showed that 60% have signs of inflammatory changes in the myocardium. In three quarters, certain pathological changes in the heart and blood vessels are recorded.

“More than 80% against the background of COVID-19 have some significant changes in electrocardiograms. We have seen a considerable number of cases with increased blood pressure, a considerable number of patients complained of chest pain,” Ruzhentsova noted.

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