The arrested editor-in-chief of Mediazona complained about his health

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Sergei Smirnov, editor-in-chief of Mediazona, arrested in Moscow, complained about the deterioration of health due to “hellish conditions” in the new cell, reports the Telegram channel Smirnov under arrest (previously under the name “Smirnov” it was conducted by the journalist himself, now the information is being updated by the editorial office ).

“Smirnov reports that in the new cell” hellish conditions “because of the heat. In the morning they wrote an application for a doctor's examination, took them to the doctor only in the evening. Smirnov has a blood pressure of 178/112, he feels very bad,” the message says. Telegram channel.

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow on February 4 for 25 days arrested the editor-in-chief of “Mediazona” Sergei Smirnov under the protocol of an unauthorized action on January 23. On Monday it became known that the Moscow City Court reduced the term of administrative arrest for the editor-in-chief of “Mediazona” to 15 days. The Union of Journalists of Russia sent an appeal to the competent authorities with a requirement to check the legality of bringing Smirnov to justice.

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