Several hospitals in Moscow are returning to planned work

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Two hospitals for 2,000 beds, previously designed for patients with coronavirus, are returning to planned work, and they are also stopping the admission of patients with COVID-19 about 2.7 thousand beds in reserve hospitals, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

“The positive dynamics in the epidemiological situation, which we have been observing recently, allows us to withdraw about 4.7 thousand more beds from work with coronavirus,” said the deputy mayor, whose words are quoted on the Telegram channel of the capital's social development complex.

According to Rakova, the two largest hospitals with 2,000 beds, repurposed to treat patients with COVID-19, are returning to standard work. These are the buildings of city hospitals # 52 and # 5 named after O. M. Filatov.

“Reducing the admission of patients with coronavirus and reserve hospitals: about 2.7 thousand beds are being removed from work. We are stopping admission in three hospital buildings in Sokolniki, and in Krylatsky, ATC Moskva and Kommunarka, the number of beds used to treat patients with coronavirus infection will decrease Thus, the current fund for work with coronavirus will amount to about 9 thousand beds, “said the vice mayor.

It is noted that in the near future, clinics will undergo specialized sanitization, hospital staff will be tested for coronavirus infection.

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