Senator Klimov replied to the Estonian deputy on the words about the Soviet “rubbish”

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. The chairman of the Federation Council commission for the protection of state sovereignty, Andrei Klimov, commented on the air of the Moscow Says radio station on the sharp statement by the head of the capital's faction of the Estonian Conservative People's Party, Mart Kallas, about some of the country's inhabitants.

In comments under the post of former Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu on Facebook, the parliamentarian called the defenders of the “Bronze Soldier” during the dismantling of the monument in 2007 in Tallinn “a lot of human rubbish with a Soviet mentality.” Later, Callas' comment disappeared from the social network, however Sputnik Meedia took a screenshot of this statement.

The senator considers the words of the Estonian MP to be a manifestation of racism, for which he should be held accountable. “This is racism in its purest form, which in most civilized countries of the world is criminally punishable. This is not about permissibility, but that if the Estonian state is civilized, they should be punish, “Klimov said.

In his opinion, for such behavior, Callas' colleagues should expel the politician from the party.

The monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Tallinn, known as the “Bronze Soldier”, was erected on September 22, 1947, on the day of the liberation of the Estonian capital from Nazi invaders. Previously, it was located on Tõnismägi Hill in the center of the Estonian capital. However, the authorities dismantled it in 2007 and moved it to the Military Cemetery. The remains of Soviet soldiers were also reburied there.

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