Neurologist told how to restore brain performance after COVID

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Neurologist Vasily Gribanov told on the air of the MIR 24 TV channel how to get back into operation after COVID-19.

According to the doctor, for a full recovery, it is necessary to train the nervous system. The spread of the coronavirus

“Sculpting, fine motor skills training increase the speed of recovery of the nervous system, train,” he said.

The doctor also noted that the use of foods that are difficult for digestion: hardly soluble fats, proteins – can only intensify the “postcoid syndrome”, sleep disturbances are possible. “A diet with an abundance of fiber is recommended – cabbage, whole grains, fruits, currants, raspberries,” explained Gribanov.

At the same time, the specialist added that the patient needs three to six months to fully recover. In his opinion, residents of big cities will have a harder time because of the very active rhythm of life. The spread of the coronavirus

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