LDPR deputies proposed to cancel fines for travel on “dedicated line” at night

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. LDPR deputies will submit to the State Duma a bill proposing not to fine drivers for driving on a dedicated lane at night and, if necessary, bypassing, one of the authors of the initiative, deputy Yaroslav Nilov, said on the Telegram channel.

According to the traffic rules, regular buses, trolleybuses, school buses, fixed-route and passenger taxis and cyclists can go along the “dedicated line”. For other vehicles, a fine of 1.5 thousand rubles is provided for driving on this lane or stopping on it.

The explanatory note to the document notes that at night the “dedicated line” remains practically empty, while adjacent strips can be filled. Thus, according to the authors of the bill, with a deficit of the road network, the ban at night is unreasonable and strange.

Changes are proposed to article 12.17 of the Administrative Code. The drafters of the document believe that drivers should not be held administratively liable when driving a car on a “dedicated line” from 11 pm to 6 am, as well as in case of repair or cleaning work on the traffic lane and the need to bypass an obstacle.

Earlier, the government did not support this bill.

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