Job vacancies with the highest salaries are named

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Remote designers, child psychologists and engineers are offered high salaries, according to the rating of high-paying vacancies in February of the service, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

According to the rating, one of the highest salaries in February is offered by a construction company to a tender specialist. The employee will have to monitor trading floors, study the auction documentation, prepare a package of documents for participation in the tender. A successful applicant is willing to pay up to 300 thousand rubles a month.

A Golang developer can receive from 150 thousand rubles a month. For successful employment, a candidate needs to be able to work with Docker and Kubernetes technologies, have experience in building an HA architecture, and also have a broad outlook on technologies and architectures. The salaries in the IT sector are traditionally high. A javascript programmer is willing to pay up to 200 thousand rubles a month.

A mobile application developer can earn from 150 to 170 thousand rubles. For this vacancy, you need a person with at least 2 years of experience and an understanding of client-server interaction. He also needs to have a Macbook laptop for IOS development.

A high income (up to 160 thousand rubles) is also available to a child psychologist with work experience of 3 years or more. The applicant needs a certificate confirming knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy methods, as well as formal experience in working with children and parents. The employer is ready to provide training at its own expense to a successful job seeker. Up to 150 thousand rubles a month can be earned by a design engineer of a specialized section with work experience of 1 year or more.

An architectural bureau is looking for an interior designer with work experience of at least 3 years for design work. He will be paid 110 thousand rubles a month. The designer will take upon himself the development of planning solutions, preparation of concepts and visualization of the interior, work with documentation.

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