Biologist named a product that will help the body after COVID-19

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – RIA Novosti. Eating pepper will help the body recover faster from a coronavirus infection. How, phytotherapist, candidate of biological sciences Mikhail Lushchik said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Almost everyone who has had COVID-19 complains of a lack of strength, weakness and fatigue. The fact is that the virus inflicts the main blow on weak organs, and then a huge number of damaged cells remain in them, which are rather difficult to remove from the body, Lushchik explained. According to him, this process can be accelerated by adding pepper to food, which helps to activate blood circulation. “The immune system does not immediately manage to pull out, neutralize and remove these cells with the help of the bloodstream, so this process takes a long time. But when blood circulation increases, then, of course, fatigue passes faster. When a person is still very weak, pepper can help,” Lushchik said.

You can eat red, black or long peppers. How many times a day you add it to food depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. But nobody should abuse this spicy product. And for some people it is completely contraindicated, the phytotherapist warned.

“For example, if a person has a pre-ulcer stomach, he cannot use pepper. Or if a person has serious hemorrhoids, especially with bleeding, with red blood, then it is better to avoid it, because the irritation will sharply increase, it may even reach the point that you will have to seek medical help, “Lushchik said.

The doctor also gave some tips on how to neutralize the burning sensation that pepper causes. You can drink milk, because proteins quickly seize burning substances. You can also chew on mint leaves or put peppermint candy in your mouth. These products create the effect of evaporation and quickly remove unpleasant sensations, the source explained to the radio.

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