The State Duma introduced a project on a quota for placing social advertising on the Internet

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. A group of deputies has submitted to the lower house of parliament a draft on the introduction of a mandatory five percent quota for placing social advertising on the Internet.

Similar regulations are already in place on television and on banners, but social advertising on the Web has so far been voluntary.

“With this bill, we proposed to extend the requirement to all sites, including on the Internet,” said Deputy Alexander Khinshtein.

It should be noted that at the first stage, innovation will affect services with the largest advertising systems on the market, in particular – Yandex,, Rambler, Google, Facebook.

The document provides for the creation of a monitoring system for Internet sites and a single placement operator: a non-profit organization – the operator will receive predicted advertising volumes from advertising distributors and place social content within a 5 percent share. To do this, such an organization will keep a record of advertising formats and space provided by advertising distributors – owners of information resources for placing social advertising, as well as place social advertising on the Internet. The right to appoint an NCO-operator of advertising space can be obtained by the Ministry of Digital Science.

Before being introduced, the bill was sent to the FAS, Roskomnadzor, the Federation Council, the Public Chamber (OP) and the Internet Development Institute (IRI).

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