The expert named the risks of losing a mortgage apartment even if paid on time

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. The main risk is not buying new buildings on a mortgage, but secondary housing. In this case, any violations and shortcomings in the transaction can become fatal, even if the buyer is innocent, Alexey Krichevsky, real estate market expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment, told Prime. “With new buildings, everything is extremely simple – there will be no questions from the bank until then. while the borrower makes payments on time. Lack of insurance is also not a reason to terminate the mortgage agreement, but can affect the loan rate in the negative direction, “he said.

Another thing is the purchase of “secondary housing”. In this case, anything can play against the buyer: rent, the right of lifetime use, maternity capital and the right of children to a share in the apartment, fraud through a power of attorney or a fake passport. There are pitfalls in the sale of inherited property, in the first transaction after privatization, and also if the housing was in rent. Even a purchase with the participation of maternity capital can be a disadvantage for new owners.

Therefore, if the buyer has even the slightest doubt, the deal should be suspended or canceled. It is best to check the purchased housing as thoroughly as possible by hiring an experienced broker or lawyer. Ideally, the transaction should be notarized – as a rule, notaries insure the purchase and sale of housing for the full amount, concluded Krichevsky.

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