Social networks will be fined for calls for the participation of children in illegal actions

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Roskomnadzor from February 11 to March 1 will draw up protocols in relation to social networks for disseminating information calling on minors to participate in illegal actions, the press service of the department told RIA Novosti.

Roskomnadzor reported on January 21 that it had revealed information calling for minors to participate in uncoordinated actions on TikTok, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and all of these six Internet sites are planned to be fined for violating the law.

The department said that they had invited company representatives to draw up protocols on administrative offenses. However, the timing of drawing up the protocols was not named.

“Calls for drawing up protocols on administrative offenses under Art. 13.41 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation were sent to representatives of social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as the video hosting YouTube and the Telegram messenger. Drawing up the protocols will take place from February 11 to March 1, 2021, “the ministry said.

They recalled that according to the Administrative Code, violation of the procedure for restricting access to prohibited information by the owner of the site entails a fine for legal entities from 800 thousand to 4 million rubles. In the event of a repeated offense, the fine is increased to 10% of the company's total annual revenues.

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