Siberian warned Muscovites about teeth “breaking in the cold”

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Russian photographer Dmitry Lyasheev, who lives in Yakutsk, in a conversation with “Vechernyaya Moskva” gave the residents of the capital some advice before the cold snap, and also pointed out the main delusion of people who are not accustomed to frost.

Drinking hot tea is a popular but most unreliable way to keep warm, he said. The man believes that the drink should be discarded both before going outside and after returning to a warm room.

“The teeth will break right away,” he said, without specifying what exactly could happen in the mouth.

Lyasheev also did not recommend alcohol abuse during cold weather.

The most effective, in his opinion, warms a warm broth. During frost, among other things, a chocolate bar helps, as well as water of moderate temperature, explained the Siberian.

“My main advice is this: do not be categorical about heat and cold. <...> It is important not to overdo it with clothes or food,” he summed up.

Earlier it became known about the attack on Russia of a powerful cyclone. According to experts, a severe blizzard will begin in Moscow on Friday. It will snow for 36 hours and the wind speed will be up to 20 meters per second. At the same time, the temperature is expected to remain practically unchanged.

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