Russian Ambassador urged Belarusians not to transfer past grievances to the present

MINSK, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev said that it is not worth transferring from the joint history of the two countries individual events and related resentments to the current cooperation between states.

Earlier, the National Historical Museum of Belarus posted on its Instagram account a post dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the birth of the historical figure Tadeusz Kosciuszko. A part of the Belarusian society negatively received a comment from the museum's Instagram account on the role of Kosciuszko in the history of Belarus.

“One of the young embassy staff, who is interested in history, impetuous and brave in his own way, from the” post-Soviet generation “, considered it possible to express his personal opinion on the account of the National Historical Museum. He sees this as his personal position,” Mezentsev said in an interview RIA News.

The ambassador stressed that “it is always difficult to judge the events of the past centuries, and in this case – the 18th century, through the prism of our modern assessments, views, world outlook of the 21st century.”

“I agree with the message of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry: this work should be delegated to professional historians. After all, based on the results of their professional discussions, we are interested in learning something new. The centuries of Russia, Belarus, neighboring countries are so multifaceted and complex that we try to give them simplified, stereotyped assessments.” it is incorrect to attach “episodes from bygone eras to the present day, and sometimes to politically opportunistic” inquiries “, – said the diplomat. Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia

According to him, if the parties want to strengthen relations, make them deeper and more ambitious, “one should not be offended by the events of many centuries ago and not tolerate misunderstandings, and in some cases, insults and conflicts from the past to the present day.” “Rather, refer to events and facts that make us more united, stronger. How do we want to conduct a dialogue today? If someone sets out to aggravate the dispute, then in the history of neighboring countries one can find examples that will not make us more friendly,” Mezentsev believes.

The ambassador noted that “one should not look for answers to the questions that life now poses exclusively in the past.” “When the world becomes even more complicated, we must strive to determine the ways of cooperation on the basis of common approaches. Otherwise, we, remaining at the mercy of emotions, will become hostages only to assessments of individual events of distant history,” Mezentsev said.

He stressed that “the arisen dispute is another confirmation of how great the meaning of the spoken word.” “In every society there are people who have different points of view, this is important and natural, but it is also important to be tolerant, respect the opinions of others and not grab hold of the” cold weapons “that are kept in historical museums in order to” chop “right and left I expect to visit the National Historical Museum with my colleagues in the near future, to get acquainted with dozens of expositions, including an exhibition dedicated to the fate of Kosciuszko, “concluded Mezentsev.

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