Roskachestvo warned of possible activation of fraudsters in Telegram

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. The growing popularity of the Telegram messenger will attract digital fraudsters, so you should not neglect the rules of digital security, according to the statement of Roskachestvo.

“Telegram is considered one of the most technically secure messengers in terms of transferring information, but no encryption will save from the actions of the user himself, who succumbed to the tricks of social engineering. Now, against the background of the massive arrival of a new audience in Telegram, we should expect increased activation of fraudsters,” are given in the message of the words of the deputy head of the organization Ilya Loevsky. “If you want to use Telegram safely, you need to know the basic rules of digital security,” the message says. “Remember that you are personally responsible for your digital security, and not the online service that you are using “.

For example, if they offer to use a service or install an application, it is better to download its software yourself through Google, after studying user reviews. You should also be wary of the “experts” in investments, crypto assets and profitable investments. “Do not buy into the promise of easy money or an offer to receive the status of a qualified investor for a fee. The vast majority of such offers are fraudulent,” warns Roskachestvo.

The organization also points to the risks of messages from a fake support service that lead to the allegedly official channel of the platform in Telegram. “As a rule, it still ends with a phishing link, a request to name a code from an SMS or an offer to install an application on a smartphone that turns out to be a spy,” experts warn.

Through Telegram, you never have to pay commissions and fees to anyone, you don’t need to send your payment data, and you should not use the so-called “bots for making money”: Roskachestvo notes that there are fraudulent schemes among them on Telegram. In case a request for help came from a friend – check if he really needs it by calling him, the message says.

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