Residents of Chuvashia will be sent to a strict regime colony for stealing icons

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Two thieves of icons from the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Chuvashia will spend 2 and 4.5 years in a strict regime colony, the press service of the region's Interior Ministry reports.

The theft of six icons from the church of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, where the abductor entered by breaking a window, took place in August 2020. The police established that the attacker had visited this temple the day before and took several photographs. It also became known about an accomplice who was waiting for him outside the monastery in a car in which the works of art were taken out. Good news “During a business trip to the Vladimir region, operatives detained two local residents. Three stolen icons were seized in the car of one of the defendants, the remaining were found in a ditch – the intruders threw them away, considering them worthless. A criminal case was opened on the theft, the detainees were arrested, and the icons were returned to the monastery in December, “the message says.

The Morgaush District Court found both defendants guilty. “A resident of the Vladimir region who stole the icon was sentenced to 4 years 6 months in a strict regime colony. He was also found guilty of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, which was committed even before entering the monastery. His accomplice was sentenced to 2 years, also in a colony. strict regime “, – the message says.

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