Pushkov commented on the decision of the US Senate on the impeachment process of Trump

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Senator Alexei Pushkov spoke on Telegram about the impeachment process of former US President Donald Trump and suggested who could take the post of leader of the country after the end of Joe Biden's rule.

In his opinion, the actions of some representatives of the Republican Party may deprive her of her chances of winning the next presidential elections, as well as cause the triumph of the incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris. “So far, impeachment of Trump does not appear, although the anti-Trump wing of his own party intrigues against him Split and intrigue among the Republicans can knock out of their hands any chances of winning in 2024. And then they will be powerless to watch Kamala Harris enter the White House as president in 2025, “Pushkov said.

Earlier, the US Senate called Trump's impeachment process constitutional. 56 Senators voted for this, including six Republicans. However, 44 Republican senators, having voted against, made it clear that they intend to secure Trump's acquittal. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to impeach the former president.

Trump is on trial on charges of inciting a mob riot that trampled the US Capitol on January 6 following Trump's rally calling for an obstruction of the election results.

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