Psychologist spoke about social phobia due to COVID-19

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. After relaxing restrictions imposed by COVID-19, society faced social anxiety. Where did it come from and what methods can be used to overcome it, psychologist, director of the Center for Practical Psychology Sergey Klyuchnikov told Sputnik radio.

The increased attention that has been paid to COVID-19 over many months has led to the fact that people have become very wary of anything that, in their opinion, could pose a potential danger, the psychologist noted. Now the restrictions have become not so strict, for many people the self-isolation regime has ended: people go to work, move more and are forced to contact others more.

At the same time, they feel fear, because they see in other people the source of illness and infection. To cope with the emerging social phobia, it takes time and an understanding that people need communication, and a pandemic is not forever, Klyuchnikov believes.

“Here we must show patience, because the distance must still be maintained, but gradually accustom ourselves to the fact that the human community cannot be separated from each other by several meters. We must not shout down or communicate in sign language and the language of messages in messengers. This would be the decomposition of humanity. We need to realize that people are getting immunity to the coronavirus, and the pandemic is on the decline, “explained the psychologist.

According to him, in order to overcome fear, you need to think about the positive aspects of communication, more often remember that communication is pleasant.

“Everyone has a need for communication, people are hungry for communication. We must think of people not only as a source of danger, but also as a source of luxury in human communication,” Klyuchnikov advised.

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