Protection of a woman injured at an illegal rally complained about doctors

S.-PETERSBURG, February 9 – RIA Novosti. The defense of Margarita Yudina, a victim at an uncoordinated rally in St. Petersburg on January 23, filed a complaint with Roszdravnadzor regarding the admission of strangers to her ward, according to the human rights association “Team 29”, whose lawyers represent the interests of women.

“A complaint has been filed with Roszdravnadzor. There is reason to believe that the I. I. Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, where she was taken immediately after the incident, did not provide the woman with proper medical assistance and violated anti-corruption measures when a police officer was allowed into her room,” human rights activists said.

Earlier, the woman was visited in the ward by the head of the department for organizing the protection of public order of the GUMVD for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, police colonel Sergei Muzyka. On behalf of the GUMVD, he apologized to Yudina and stressed that forceful actions outside the scope of the law are in any case unacceptable. A police spokesman promised to investigate the situation and, if necessary, provide assistance.

According to lawyers, doctors did not have the right to admit Interior Ministry officers and journalists who were filming apologies on camera into the ward.

“Also, the doctors did not provide the woman with the required amount of medical assistance, because, despite the injuries, Yudin was discharged a day after the incident. On January 26, her condition worsened, and our client required re-hospitalization,” the report says.

Earlier it was reported that the police and the prosecutor's office were conducting an investigation in connection with a video on social networks, which captured an incident involving a woman and a law enforcement officer on Vosstaniya Square in St. Petersburg, where an uncoordinated rally took place on Saturday 23 January. The woman, injured by falling to the ground, was in the intensive care unit at the Janelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, and on January 24 she was discharged. A few days later, Team 29 lawyers, who decided to represent her interests, drew attention to the woman's deterioration and called an ambulance, after which a decision was made to re-hospitalize. She was soon discharged from the hospital.

Uncoordinated protest actions took place on January 23 in different cities of Russia and continued on the 31st, despite numerous warnings from the authorities, as well as on February 2 after the court's decision in the case of Alexei Navalny. The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called the organizers of the uncoordinated actions provocateurs. President Vladimir Putin stressed that everyone has the right to express an opinion, but “anything that goes beyond the law is not just counterproductive, but dangerous,” all the more so “in no case should minors be pushed forward.”

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