Muscovites expect a light snowfall on Wednesday and up to minus ten

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Cloudy weather, light snowfall and up to minus 10 are expected in Moscow on Wednesday, Elena Volosyuk, a leading specialist at the Phobos weather center, told RIA Novosti. “Today the capital region will remain near atmospheric fronts, but their activity is declining. Under such conditions, the capital will cloudy weather with light snow will prevail, but already without such intense snowfalls as the night before and last night. The wind will become quieter, the speed of the east wind will drop to 3-8 meters per second. The temperature in Moscow will be minus 10 degrees, in the Moscow region minus 9- 14 “, – said Volosyuk.

According to her, the temperature background will be six degrees below the required climatic norm.

In addition, she clarified that about 6 millimeters of precipitation fell in Moscow over the past day and night, which is one and a half daily norms.

“Atmospheric pressure will change little and remain close to normal – 747 millimeters of mercury,” – concluded the forecaster.

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