Media: British intelligence relaxed requirements for new employees

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Britain's secret intelligence service MI6 has begun recruiting non-UK nationals to ensure diversity, the Times reported, citing a government source.

Previously, under the recruitment rules, only citizens born in the UK could become intelligence officers.

According to the newspaper, such a personnel policy will increase the efficiency of MI6 and attract workers “with different types of thinking”, and not people who think the same way. “Having employees of different nationalities with different backgrounds, we can be more effective in intelligence,” – quoted newspaper source MI6.

According to the newspaper, depending on the position for which a potential intelligence agent applies, he may need to renounce his second citizenship.

According to the newspaper, this step is a continuation of the policy of the former head of the service, Alex Younger, to expand the staff. In May 2018, he lifted the rule that only Britons with both parents as citizens of the kingdom can become intelligence officers. Thus, the children of migrants with British citizenship were given the opportunity to work in the special service. The age limit has also been lowered from 21 to 18 to “be at the forefront of the global technology race.” The head of British intelligence explained what exactly would prevent the famous agent 007 from becoming a real spy.

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