“Izvestia”: electronics has risen sharply in Russia

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Since the beginning of 2021, prices for electronics in Russia have increased by five to twenty percent, depending on the category, Nikolai Petrov, head of the digital technology procurement department at Citylink, told Izvestia.

According to Petrov, the rise in prices began last year.

The main reason for this, as explained in the company “Marvel-Distribution”, was the shortage of basic components for electronics, video cards, screens, memory – about 80 percent of these components are produced in China. In the first wave of coronavirus, production was reduced, and its volumes cannot yet be increased.

The company hopes that the situation will stabilize by April, but much will depend on the restrictions imposed and the possible easing of sanctions against China by the United States.

According to the leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, the import of electronics to Russia fell due to the deficit in the fourth quarter of last year. Now in China, production has been suspended due to the New Year holidays, so deliveries to Russia will be in March-May. Depending on the segment, electronics can rise in price by ten to 40 percent within a year, but most of all laptops – from 40 to 50 percent.

Irina Kukina, director of business development for Lenovo personal systems in Eastern Europe and Asia, suggested that the cost of production will continue to grow until the middle of this year.

A source in one of the distributors told Izvestia that by mid-2021, supplies to Russia could be reduced by 15 percent, and prices will rise by 25 percent. In addition, manufacturers are phasing out low-cost notebooks due to rising component prices. Large manufacturers have priority in obtaining parts, while smaller manufacturers suffer from shortages. Also, the interlocutor filled in about the rise in the cost of marine logistics.

In “Marvel-Distribution” clarified that smartphones will not rise in price at least until the end of March – the largest manufacturers determine their prices for at least a quarter. However, new phone models, as Murtazin explained, may rise in price after February 23 and March 8. Accessories for phones and acoustics can also increase in price – so the cost of speakers and headphones risks rising by 15-20 percent.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Trade told RIA Novosti that the department had not received messages from major network retailers about plans to sharply increase prices for electronics.

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