In the Ryazan region, business assistance from the budget will grow

RYAZAN, February 10 – RIA Novosti. The Ryazan region is one of the first in Russia to expand the scale of support at the expense of the regional budget and launches a regional project “Labor productivity in small and medium-sized enterprises,” Governor Nikolai Lyubimov said at a meeting preceding the start of the project.

Lyubimov thanked everyone who took part in the preparation of the analytical base for the development of a strategy for the development of the industry of the Ryazan region until 2030.

“This will become a truly working document, a roadmap, according to which the entire manufacturing industry will increase its turnover over the next ten years. The presentation of the strategy is scheduled for early March,” the governor said.

Lyubimov noted that over the past three years in Russia, including the Ryazan region, the national project “Labor productivity” is being implemented. Dozens of Ryazan industrial enterprises have already taken part in it. Having optimized production, today they are showing good results and an increase in labor productivity.

According to Nikolai Lyubimov, the economy of the region is raised not only by large industrial business. The share of the turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises is more than 40%. Ryazan region

“If we talk about the structure of the participants in the national project, then in our region only one-tenth of the enterprises meet its criteria. The toughest of them is the level of annual revenues. We are well aware that enterprises with lower revenues and turnover, using the tools of lean production, can also to demonstrate the growth of production culture and, ultimately, labor productivity. This is very important for us. That is why it was decided to go beyond the contours of the federal national project. To create conditions for consistent renewal at small and medium-sized enterprises. Ryazan region is one of the first in Russia who does this expands the scale of support at the expense of the regional budget, “said the governor.

He noted that the developed program opens up access for small and medium-sized businesses to a whole arsenal of measures and methods of lean production that launch processes to increase labor productivity. The operator of the regional project “Labor productivity at small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ryazan region” will be the Agency for the Development of Production Systems and Competencies.

“His experienced experts will supervise the work at the enterprises. I must admit that they are real gurus in optimizing any production and office processes according to the principles of lean production. The regional economy needs a synergistic effect of development. It is important for us, without slowing down, to gain critical mass for economic sustainability. So that all our efforts to develop the huge potential of the region lead to tangible results, become irreversible. Without the participation of small and medium-sized businesses, we are unlikely to cope with this task. All that is required of you is desire, understanding and trust, “the Governor emphasized .Ryazan Oblast

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