Experts told whether it is necessary to block the card after the scammers call

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. A Russian should block a bank card after talking with scammers in two cases: if he himself told them information about the card, and also if a message with a confirmation code for debiting funds was received before the attackers called, experts told RIA Novosti. “If you received an SMS on money debiting and fraudsters call you to receive a one-time confirmation code, in which case you must immediately block the card, since, most likely, the attackers learned the information on the card – number, CVV, etc. “, says Maxim, head of the banking systems security research group at Positive Technologies Kostikov.

It is necessary to block the card if the client himself revealed some data in a conversation with scammers. “If you yourself disclosed the data to the fraudsters, promptly contact the bank at the number indicated on the bank card or official website, report the call or message – tell them the phone number of the attackers. Then the bank will independently take measures to block your account, reissue cards and block the fraudster's numbers, “advises Group-IB information security specialist Sergei Zolotukhin.

The expert also advises, if you suspect a leak of your data, change passwords in the bank's mobile application on all devices.

Sergey Golovanov, a leading expert at Kaspersky Lab, agrees with his colleagues. “Basically, in addition to bank card data, you really need CVV and a one-time password to complete an operation. However, there are situations when online stores do not ask for an additional code. There are also schemes that allow you to find out CVV by brute-force. That is why, even with the slightest suspicion of fraud , it is better to block the card “, – he adds.

There is a way to control the safety of your funds – when shopping on the Internet, in most cases, a special code generated by the bank is used to confirm the operation. However, Kostikov notes, some companies turn off this technology in order to increase conversion – then the fraudster can write off funds, having only the card details.

“To avoid risks, you should create a separate virtual card for online purchases and everyday spending, transfer the minimum amount of money to it and enter a monthly money limit for purchases,” he concluded.

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