Chubais named a new religion of the XXI century

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. Sustainable development (ESG) can be called a religion of the 21st century, its significance is comparable to the significance of such categories as democracy, human rights, market economy, said Anatoly Chubais, the special representative of the Russian president for relations with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals.

The principles of sustainable development, or ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles, are environmental, social and managerial responsibility. In adhering to these principles, a business or government takes into account environmental factors (for example, impact on the atmosphere and waste management), social (for example, labor protection and employee turnover) and managerial factors (for example, risk management and information transparency) when making decisions. A number of foreign investors are already investing their funds only in companies that comply with ESG principles.

“For me personally, the importance of sustainable development, the importance of ESG is, you know, almost a new religion, the religion of the XXI century. For me personally, the importance of this problem lies on the same level with such categories as democracy, human rights, market economy. this category is in a number, not lower, “he said during the corporate governance forum.

Chubais recalled that climatic changes are not local, but global.

“CO2 emissions … in Moscow, they affect the climate not only in Moscow, but to the same extent in Sydney or New York or, I don’t know, or in Kiev, it does not matter. … Humanity cannot ignore those who move badly, it will react to it, this is inevitable. In this sense, the cross-border (carbon – ed.) tax is only the first swallow that finally made the business really move, “he explained.

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