Biden signs decree on sanctions against Myanmar

WASHINGTON, 10 Feb – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden said he signed a decree providing for the imposition of sanctions against the military leaders of Myanmar involved in the coup.

“Today I signed a new executive order that allows us to immediately impose sanctions on the Burmese military who led the coup, they will affect their business interests and immediate family members,” Biden said at the White House. He said that the “first round” of persons who will be affected by the sanctions will be determined this week.

Biden said the US also plans to tighten controls on exports, freeze US assets that help the government of Myanmar, but will continue to provide humanitarian assistance.

“We will be ready to introduce additional measures,” the US President warned.

Previously, the media, citing sources, reported that Biden would sign an International Economic Emergency Power (IEEPA) decree, which gives the administration the opportunity to impose a wide range of sanctions against another country.

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