A neurologist told how to recognize a “silent stroke”

MOSCOW, February 10 – RIA Novosti. A “silent stroke” can occur early on during a medical examination. Neurologist Pyotr Trukhanov stated this in an interview with Zvezda TV channel.

As neurologist Aminat Dolova previously explained, a silent (or dumb) stroke is an acute disorder of cerebral circulation, which does not entail severe clinical symptoms.

Trukhanov advised to undergo regular medical examinations, during which a blood test for coagulability and an ECG is done. “It is done during the medical examination of the ECG – you can find heart disorders, correct them in advance and thus protect the patient,” the neurologist said.

He also noted that an MRI analysis is able to show any even minimal changes, but this method, according to Trukhanov, is expensive.

The neurologist also emphasized that patients themselves often do not pay attention to the signals indicating the disease.

“Well, a middle-aged man's hand is numb. Is he going to run to the doctor? <...> But you still have to go, because if you are numb for more than five minutes, more than 20-30 minutes, this is already a bell “, – the specialist gave an example.

According to Trukhanov, observation of a person from the outside is extremely important, since “sometimes the patient himself may not notice any changes in himself,” he believes.

The specialist added that it is important not to miss the “quiet stroke”, since the patient will subsequently have major strokes, and, in his opinion, it is not known when the second will occur: in an hour or in a month.

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