Traffic jams in Moscow reached nine points

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. Traffic jams in Moscow on Tuesday evening reached 9 points, follows from the data of the portal “Yandex. Traffic”.

The greatest difficulties are observed in the city center: in the Lubyanka area, on Tverskaya Street, on Novy Arbat, as well as on the central embankments: Kremlin, Sofiyskaya, Moskvoretskaya, Bernikovskaya.

In addition, serious traffic jams are observed on the Boulevard and Garden rings. So, on the inner side of the Garden Ring, the greatest difficulties are observed in the northwest, west, south and southwest. On the outside, the largest traffic jams are found in the north, south and southeast.

Traffic is also difficult on the Third Ring Road in both directions. Some difficulties are also observed on the Moscow Ring Road.

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