The realtor warned against buying some apartments in the “secondary housing”

MOSCOW, February 9 – RIA Novosti. Buying an apartment is a serious step. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is important to analyze the liquidity of the object. The realtor, founder of the real estate agency Evgeny Yashenkov and Partners, Evgeny Yashenkov, told the Prime agency about this.

According to him, it is worth considering if the seller offers an apartment with a very good repair, but in a very bad entrance, house, in a dysfunctional area, or very cheap. “In this case, it is better to get to the bottom of the reason, and it is easier, just not to mess with”, – the expert advised.

In addition, you need to be sure of the purity of the transaction.

Egor Redin, Managing Partner of Position Rights Law Firm, added that at the first meeting it is better to study all documents on real estate. This will make it possible to find out, in particular, whether redevelopments have been agreed by the BTI, if they are in the apartment.

“Underpricing when buying a secondary home is a common practice, but you should be wary of this: firstly, the price is an essential condition of the real estate purchase and sale agreement, respectively, you take on the risk of invalidating the transaction when hiding the price and all that the consequences, “Redin explained.

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