The prosecutor's office found violations in the school, where the first grader brought a knife

KEMEROVO, 9 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Kuzbass prosecutor's office found a number of violations of gymnasium No. 42 in the city of Kemerovo, where the first-grader brought a knife and threatened their peers, the press service of the supervisory department reports.

Earlier it was reported that the Kuzbass prosecutor's office began a check on the information in the local media that a first grader brought a large knife in one of the schools in Lesnaya Polyana in December 2020 and threatened to attack a peer. The investigation began in the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Kemerovo Region.

The department reports that the prosecutor's check revealed violations in the activities of gymnasium No. 42.

“The educational organization has not fully provided the requirements of the legislation on anti-terrorist protection, the necessary conditions have not been created to protect and strengthen the health of students, their safe stay during the educational process … The officials of the gymnasium did not properly organize and implement the access control, since the students, stationary and hand-held metal detectors were not used as a result of which no measures were taken and a kitchen knife, which the girl carried to school, was not found in the minor's portfolio, “the message says.

It is noted that also in the activities of the gymnasium, “separate violations of the legislation on the prevention of neglect and delinquency of minors” are established.

It is emphasized that according to the results of the inspection, the prosecutor of the Rudnichny district of the city of Kemerovo made a presentation to the director of the gymnasium and demanded that violations of the law be eliminated. It is specified that the act of response is pending.

The department notes that according to the report on the commission of unlawful acts by the first-grader, the Rudnichny police department of the Kemerovo department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia continues a procedural check. Its implementation and results are under the control of the Prosecutor's Office of the Rudnichny District of the city.

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