The HRC commented on the petition to amend the law on rallies

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. Alexander Brod, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation (HRC), commenting on the petition proposing to change the law on rallies, said that the organizers of the protests did not use all legal mechanisms to coordinate them and did not take into account the epidemiological situation.

The petition, which, inter alia, contains a proposal “to bring the legislation on holding rallies and assemblies in line with the constitution” and to release all those detained during the recent uncoordinated actions, was published by Novaya Gazeta on the website

“The authors of the petition trust their emotions more than the real situation, facts and legal norms. None of the organizers of the protest actions even tried to agree on them. Nobody took into account the fact that there is a restriction on mass actions, since the pandemic has not yet ended, there are regions, where the situation is still alarming in terms of the growth of diseases. The health and safety of people are the most important humanistic values that have not been canceled. The organizers of the actions literally wiped their feet on them, “Brod told RIA Novosti.

Also, according to him, the petition repeatedly emphasizes the word “peaceful”, with which he does not agree. In addition, despite the presence of reasons for dissatisfaction among citizens, someone came out to “banal, provoke clashes with the police,” added a member of the Council.

“All these cases of provocations, violations of public order, attacks on police officers have been documented, not one violator admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness. Why do we turn a blind eye to this? Or do we want the country to be overwhelmed by lawlessness, banditry and pogroms? Of course, there were abuses with on the part of the security officials, this requires proceedings, bringing the perpetrators to justice, dismissal from service, “Brod noted.

He stressed that it is necessary to talk about the responsibility and mutual respect of both parties – the participants in the actions and those who are called upon to ensure public order and the safety of citizens.

Uncoordinated protests took place on January 23 in different cities of Russia and continued on February 31 and February 2, despite numerous warnings from the authorities, including the danger of infection with coronavirus.

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