The Federation Council supported the idea of using matkapital for investments in securities

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. The proposal to use maternity capital as an opportunity to invest in securities is correct, these funds become accumulative capital for the future for families, Valery Ryazansky, First Deputy Head of the Social Committee of the Federation Council, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Earlier, RBC, citing a source in the Cabinet of Ministers, said that the government of the Russian Federation discussed the possibility of using matkapital to invest in securities with minimal risk. Funds can be invested in special banking or brokerage products such as deposits in state banks, bonds secured by state guarantees, or bonds from state companies or state banks.

“We somehow considered maternity capital only from the point of view of investing in basic needs for families, first of all, in housing and in everything that is nearby,” the parliamentarian said.

Based on these tasks, it was proposed to expand the use of maternity capital, he added.

Commenting on the possibility of investing maternal capital in securities, Ryazansky noted that “this will concern those families for whom maternity capital is not urgently needed at that moment.” That is, these families are provided with housing, means of subsistence, and have the opportunity to use maternal capital for the future as an investment.

“Most likely, we have started to have families in which such expenses are not urgent. Therefore, initiatives are being discussed on how to use matcapital as an investment,” he believes.

According to Ryazansky, “this initiative is correct, this is the development of the institution of capital capital, the opportunity to use it as an investment, accumulative material.”

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