The expert assessed the ban on the import of parts for railway transport from Ukraine

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. Due to the ban on imports from Ukraine, Russia does not expect a shortage of railway wheels against the background of falling markets for the production and repair of freight cars, Vladimir Savchuk, Deputy Director General of the Institute for Problems of Natural Monopolies (IPEM), told RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the official portal of legal information published a decree of the government of the Russian Federation, which prohibits the import of railway wheels, wheelsets and bogie frames of freight cars into Russia from Ukraine. “We do not expect a shortage of wheels due to the ban on Ukrainian imports due to the falling markets for the production and repair of freight cars. “, – Savchuk said.

The expert explained that according to IPEM forecasts made in 2019, the wheel market in 2020 should have decreased by 8% and further declined until 2023-2024. “However, the pandemic accelerated the fall of the 2020/2019 wheel market in Russia by 14%,” he cited the data.

The production facilities of two Russian manufacturers – OMK and Evraz – “covered” approximately 81-82% of the Russian market in 2019. “Taking into account the small export of Russian wheels, the market closure rate decreased by several percentage points,” Savchuk added.

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