Named the most common mistake leading to acute back pain

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. Vladimir Gerasimenko, head of the neurosurgical department of the hospital for war veterans # 2, spoke on the air of the Moscow Talking radio station about ways to avoid acute back pain.

The neurosurgeon strongly recommends not to lift weights. “The most common cause of acute back pain is lifting weights. Here you need to approach, thinking over the load. It is advisable that the family has a weightlifter's belt or a lumbar corset for work in the country, for construction,” Gerasimenko said.

He also urges Russians to monitor their posture.

In addition, Gerasimenko spoke about the sources of back pain in the morning. The reason for this is the slowing down of blood circulation in the spine during sleep and increased hypoxia.

To get rid of the morning pain symptom, the specialist advises to warm up the spine after waking up and unload the muscles.

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