Krasnoyarsk enterprises will open doors for those wishing to assess the eco-environment

KRASNOYARSK, 9 Feb – RIA Novosti. Enterprises that affect the environmental situation in Krasnoyarsk will be available for visits by residents who are interested in how production workers comply with environmental safety rules, the press service of the head of the region told RIA Novosti.

According to her, on Tuesday the governor of the region, Alexander Uss, discussed with the heads of Krasnoyarsk enterprises measures to reduce emissions into the air. The meeting was held during the visit by the head of the region to the production sites of LLC “Krasnoyarsk cement”.

Following the inspection of the industrial sites of the plant, Uss held a working meeting with the heads of the city's enterprises, members of the regional government, and representatives of science and the public. The meeting participants analyzed the modernization of industrial production and its impact on reducing emissions, the availability of relevant and reliable information on the state of the air for residents.

“As noted by Alexander Uss, today large enterprises work in cooperation with the public and authorities, they are focused on the result that is already tangible. The enterprises participating in the meeting take on increased obligations when the NMU regime is announced – for example, they reduce days. According to the head of the region, such an approach should be extended to all enterprises, “the press service said.

According to her, Uss paid special attention to the organization of prompt and objective informing of residents about the results of monitoring of emissions.

“By June 1, we will be ready for large enterprises located within the city to bring objective information about the emissions situation to the citizens in real time. In addition, we have agreed that all the most significant enterprises affecting the environmental situation, opened the door for everyone, so that our ecologists, scientists, students could visit them, get acquainted with the technologies and evaluate the work being done, “the press service quotes Ussa.

The Governor instructed to strengthen the implementation of environmental measures in the region, including by April 1 to work out the possibility of accelerating the closure of ineffective boiler houses and expanding their list. The enterprises were recommended to continue modernization of production facilities, to take additional measures to reduce emissions, including during the period of NMD.

For large industrial enterprises, as soon as possible, install sensors for pollutant emissions and transmit data online to the information resource of the Regional Ministry of Ecology ( and a special mobile application.

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