In Yaroslavl, a water park will pay a girl for publishing her photo in a swimsuit

YAROSLAVL, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Yaroslavl Regional Court has recovered 60 thousand rubles from a water park in Yaroslavl, which posted a photo of a visitor in a swimsuit on social networks without her consent, the court said on Monday.

A resident of Rybinsk with her husband and little son visited the Tropichesky Island water park in Yaroslavl in March 2020, according to the release. On the territory of the water park, the photographer took photographs of visitors, it was possible to select the pictures you liked and buy them out. The girl did not like the photos taken, the photographer explained that the unredeemed pictures are deleted at the end of the day, the message says.

“However, a few days later on the VKontakte social network… on behalf of the Aquapark Yaroslavl community, without the girl’s consent and permission, a photo with her image in a swimsuit with the inscription“ Beautiful? ”Was published. According to the girl, problems arose in her family: the mother became aware of what was happening from colleagues, which caused stress, “the court informs.

As the court notes, the girl contacted the water park by phone and in personal messages on the VKontakte social network, and a day later the entry was deleted, however, the claim sent to Aquapark LLC about the peaceful settlement of the dispute was left unanswered.

“The posting of the photo in order to create heightened interest in the community, with comments on the plaintiff's appearance, which entailed offensive statements, caused moral suffering, humiliation of honor and dignity, severe stress. In addition, a conflict arose with her spouse, who believed that the photo was posted on her We had an unpleasant conversation with the manager at work, “the court emphasizes.

The woman went to court with a claim against LLC “Aquapark” for compensation for moral damage in the amount of 400 thousand rubles, recovery of legal costs. The Rybinsk City Court collected 20 thousand rubles in her favor. The plaintiff filed an appeal against the court's decision to the Yaroslavl Regional Court, which increased the amount of compensation for moral damage to 60 thousand rubles.

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