In Tanzania, at least 15 people died from unknown disease

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – RIA Novosti. In Tanzania, at least 15 people have died and more than 50 have been hospitalized due to infection with an unknown infection, Anadolu reported, citing the country's health officials.

As specified, the sick suffer from nausea and vomiting of blood. “This disease is not yet widespread, the outbreak occurred only in one administrative district, where people vomited blood and they died if they were late in the hospital,” – said the chief doctor of the Chunya district Mbeya Felista Kisandu.

The physician added that the initial clinical examination showed that the patients, mostly men, suffered from stomach ulcers and liver disease.

The agency also reports that Tanzania's health minister has sent a team of experts to the region.

In addition, it is noted that, according to records in the head medical office of Mbeya, similar cases were recorded in the region in 2018, when several people suffered from fever, indigestion and vomiting of blood.

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