Denmark wants to complete the laying of Nord Stream 2 by the end of April

MOSCOW, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The operator of the Nord Stream 2 project, Nord Stream 2 AG, plans to complete the construction of two lines of the gas pipeline in Danish waters by the end of April, according to a notice on the website of the Danish Maritime Agency.

It is indicated that the laying and backfilling of the pipeline in the area of the Bornholm island will be carried out by the barge “Fortuna”, accompanied by the ships “Mukran” and “Baltic Researcher”.

Nord Stream 2 AG did not comment to RIA Novosti on the exact timing of the construction of Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters and promised to promptly inform about further steps.

According to a schedule that the Danish Energy Agency presented to RIA Novosti in January, the project operator plans to build the pipeline in Danish waters by the end of May and then begin laying it in German waters.

In December 2020, Fortuna laid 2.6 kilometers of pipes in German waters. Now, according to Nord Stream 2 AG, about 148 kilometers of the pipeline out of the total length of two lines of 2,460 kilometers remain unfinished. It remains to lay 120 kilometers in the waters of Denmark and about 28 kilometers in the waters of Germany. The German authorities have agreed on the possibility of laying with Fortuna by the end of May.

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