The Ministry of Justice has registered a method for calculating harm to atmospheric air

MOSCOW, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. For the first time, the Ministry of Justice registered a method for calculating the amount of damage to atmospheric air, the ministry's press service said.

Last week, the Krasnoyarsk Arbitration Court ruled in favor of Rosprirodnadzor on a claim against Norilsk Nickel to recover 146 billion rubles for harm caused to nature from the spill of 20,000 tons of diesel fuel at CHPP-3. The calculation was made on the basis of methods for calculating the calculation of harm to soils and water bodies. The head of Rosprirodnadzor, Svetlana Radionova, has repeatedly stated that her department does not have a methodology for calculating the harm to atmospheric air, which makes it extremely difficult to work. Moscow Today: a metropolis for life

“The Ministry of Justice of Russia has registered the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment” On the approval of the methodology for calculating the amount of damage caused to the atmospheric air as a component of the natural environment, “the message says.

The press service cites the opinion of Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko in the message, which says that the improvement of methods for calculating damage is associated with the need to create an absolutely transparent legal framework, mechanisms that will be strictly implemented by polluters.

“We have been discussing how to calculate the harm for 11 years. But the answer is very simple: if you pollute, you pay. Conscientious enterprises will not overpay. Only those who violate pay pays,” the words of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov are quoted in the message.

As the department specifies, the methodology will calculate the harm caused by objects that have a negative impact on the environment of I, II, III categories. For each category, the level of emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air from stationary sources is established, and if the level is exceeded, the harm will be calculated using this method. The amount of harm will be determined as the sum of the mass products of pollutant emissions from stationary sources and monetary indicators (taxes). Tax rates will be additionally applied with a special protection coefficient, which takes into account the actual change in consumer prices for goods (work, services) in the Russian Federation and the formation of increased levels of air pollution during the period of unfavorable meteorological conditions.

“Rosprirodnadzor has been trying to adopt methods for calculating the harm caused to atmospheric air, which did not exist for the last two years … This is in line with the state's environmental policy, which the president is talking about. If we talk about the additional burden on business, then conscientious users have nothing to fear”, – are given in the message the words of Radionova.

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