The lawyer explained why it is better not to call from someone else's phone

MOSCOW, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. A mobile phone has long been not so much a means of communication as a multifunctional device, in which there is enough confidential information about contacts from a notebook, about bank details, with a photo and video gallery, and secret chats. Therefore, when you ask another person to call from his phone, you put him in an uncomfortable position, Denis Kuskov, director of the information-analytical agency Telecom daily, told the Prime agency.

According to the lawyer, this is at least not ethical. After all, without wishing it, you may notice some photos or contacts in someone else's phone. In addition, by such a request, you can arouse excessive suspicion. A stranger may get the idea that you are a fraudster who is now using his phone for his own purposes, for example, quietly installing spyware on a smartphone or trying to confuse someone with random calls from different SIM cards. “Probably gone are the days when it would be possible to say that the phone has run out of battery. Now it is possible to make free calls from landline phones, you can recharge the phone in any communication salon – it is not so expensive. In the absence of money, you can ask to charge the phone, for example, in a cafe. There are many ways, the most important thing is not to make a person get into an uncomfortable position, “explained Kuskov.

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