The head of Ingushetia urged to ban gadgets in schools and universities

NALCHIK, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The head of Ingushetia, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov, instructed the parliament of the republic to consider the possibility of introducing at the regional level a ban on the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren and students during classes. “Japan is a technologically advanced country. Do you know that they have neither in schools, nor in higher educational institutions We need to think about whether the parliament can adopt (the relevant law), “Kalimatov said, addressing the deputy head of the Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Sports of the People's Assembly of Ingushetia Zhansurat Ausheva at a meeting of the board of the regional committee on youth affairs.

The head of Ingushetia added that such a ban, in his opinion, would improve discipline and raise the level of knowledge of schoolchildren and students. “By adopting the law, we would have saved our children from these troubles. And this is a misfortune – there is no education, no knowledge … I do not even want to name the figures for the level of education, it is so bad. Because they stopped reading books,” Kalimatov said.

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