Samara University explained changes in the Code of Ethics after illegal actions

SAMARA, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The norm of the Code of Ethics of the Samara State Technical University on uncoordinated actions is preventive and is aimed at making employees and students realize that there is administrative responsibility for participation in such events, RIA Novosti was told at the university.

Earlier, local media wrote that changes were made to the university's code of ethics regarding the participation of university staff and students in uncoordinated actions. The document says that an employee or student “should exclude participation in unauthorized meetings, rallies, demonstrations, processions or pickets.” Changes to the code were approved on January 29 at a meeting of the academic council of the university.

“The main task that we set for ourselves, it is preventive and is aimed at ensuring that both employees of our university and students realize the full degree of responsibility for actions that contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation, namely, for participation in unauthorized rallies, for which an administrative responsibility “, – says the answer of the legal department of the university.

“We value our teachers and students and urge them to comply with the ethical standards of our university, which are enshrined in the code,” added the department.

Uncoordinated protests took place on January 23 in different cities of Russia and continued on February 31 and February 2, despite numerous warnings from the authorities, including the danger of infection with coronavirus.

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called the organizers of the uncoordinated actions provocateurs. The head of state, Vladimir Putin, stressed that everyone has the right to express an opinion, but “anything that goes beyond the law is not just counterproductive, but dangerous,” all the more so, “in no case should minors be pushed forward.” Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev expressed the opinion that dragging people out during a pandemic to uncoordinated actions is “extremely cynical”, since “the situation in the country and in the world is such that any gatherings of a large number of people are dangerous.”

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