Perm Territory will check data on lack of water in the village

PERM, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor's Office of the Perm Territory is checking information about the lack of water in the village of Mylniki, Kungursky District, where people melt snow and use rainwater, the press service of the regional supervisory agency told RIA Novosti.

Earlier in the social network there was information that in the village of Mylniki, where about 100 people live, there is no water, so people “drown snow and drink rain water.” Some travel seven kilometers to the city for bottled water. “The prosecutor's office, with the involvement of specialists, organized a check of information published on the network about the situation with water in the village of Mylniki, while all the data are being clarified, representatives of the prosecutor's office contact the local administration officials, go to the place, you need to understand that this is a remote village, “the prosecutor's office said.

The village of Mylniki is located on the territory of the Nevolinsky rural settlement. The head of the settlement, Valery Solodukha, could not promptly comment on the situation to RIA Novosti, noting that “the information on the social network is distorted.”

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